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Rides of March 007, Win a vespa LX50!!

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Rides of March is a vintage scooter rally that has been held locally in San Luis Obispo and the central coast counties for 22 years . This year we are GIVING away a brand new vespa LX 50. Which looks just like the model below, but it is even better. It sports a custom cool blue and metalic blue panel fade job, 70's style! And custom pinstriping to boot.

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The rally will be held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of March in SLO, and is free to all who attend. You can purchase tickets, one for $5 or six for $25, at Rides of March--OR you can purchase them online by


to "VespaRaffle@Verizon.net"--we'll write your name/phone number on the tickets you purchase, put them in the raffle box, and email you your ticket numbers.

Check our club out at
Strange Brew Scooter Crew
and scooter Rally info and pictures of the raffle scooter we painted at Rides OF March!
Win that scooter!!!

Cheers, Ears.

[All images copyrighted by Aaron Cribbs and Vespa of Santa Maria, 2007]
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