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Aires and Graces updates

Get the last couple of records remaining now while you can. Our copies of "What Happened to the Kids?" have sold quickly and we are sitting on only a few remaining copies. Get it now while you can.

you can get it at our website:


after they are gone you can also find them at interpunk (more expensive than us) and finer record stores nationwide. www.interpunk.com

you can also find it through the label Longshot http://www.longshotmusic.com/

For German and other European customers you can also order the record through Bandworm at http://www.oi-punk.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=22334 (again more expensive than ordering it through us)


We are currently sold out of shirts but will be ordering new shirts in the very near future, stay tuned.


Our CD EP is still available (about 30 copies or less remain, no plans on repressing the CD at this point in time) and you can get it at our website: airesandgraces.deadendsocialclub.com


Thursday July 2nd
6pm $3-5

Dcoi (California)
HPP (Olympia)
Board Youth (Seattle)
Aires and Graces (Olympia)

Chester's House
513 Milroy St Nw
Olympia, WA 98502


Friday July 24

Aires and Graces
Brewtal Thirst
Shot for Shot

The Bit Saloon
4818 17TH Ave NW
Seattle, Washington 98107


Tuesday July 28

Aires and Graces
gypsy river haunts (www.myspace.com/gypsyriverhaunts)

House party TBA Olympia


Friday September 25

Aires and Graces
45 Adapters

Don Pedros (Williamsburg NYC)
90 Manhattan Avenue
New York, New York 10003


Saturday September 26


Aires & Graces (Olympia/US), the Barrons (Delaware/US), The Butchers (SEA/NYC), For the Worse (Boston/US), Hammer and the Nails (Boston/US), Hard Times (France), Pressure 28 (ENG), Resistance 77 (ENG), Tommy & the Terrors (Boston/US) AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED, STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS



Sunday September 27

East Village Radio Modern Products (NYC)
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